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Our Specialities


Unique cut and polished gemstones

We strive to combine the highest quality of colored gemstones with the rarest shapes and cuts.

The innate ability of jewelry to express ones imagination and creativity is our main inspiration, and our gems reflect our pursuit of jeweled perfection.

Our team of heritage craftsmen work closely together to treat each piece of rough as its own unique creation that dictates the form it wants to take itself. Our distinctive and customized cuts allow you to dream of endless possibilities, so dive deeper into the beautiful world of colored gemstones.

Zambian Emerald, Fancy Shape
Burma Blue Sapphire, Octagon
Zambian Emerald, Fancy Octagon
Amethyst Trilogy, Fancy Hexagon
Mozambique Ruby, Octagon

High Precision Manufacturing

Our biggest strength is our ability to mold a piece of rough straight from the mines into a work of art.

Through our generational experience, our highly trained team of cutters and polishers, and our top of the line machinery, we are capable of creating the perfect gemstone for all your design needs.

Meticulous attention to detail and rigorous quality control has always been our way of ensuring high standards of quality that is responsible for our exceptional client satisfaction rate.

Upcoming Exhibitions

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COVID-19 Restrictions

Due to the global pandemic, we are saddened to announce

that all future exhibition plans have been placed on hold.

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